This service has been terminated by the department.


There is a lot of frustration about licence cards which is on backlog, and it causes a lot of frustration not only for clients, but for us as well.

We would like to explain as best as we possibly can.

We are an online booking company ( small private company ) who helps to manage the queues by offering a service where people can make a booking to do a renewal.

This does not in any way whatsoever imply that we are the Department of Transport, or that we have any insight into what happens after a booking was attended.

We are, and will always be, in the hands of the Department of Transport and Licensing, and their processes.

There are unfortunately a few processes which caused delays, and hence the feeling that we are not doing our part.

1. The renewal process, whether going with us via the booking system or standing in a queue: After receiving your receipt that you went for your renewal, your application becomes part of the “bigger process”. All renewals are treated in the same way. The cards are sent from the test center to the printing center. Here all details are checked before new cards are issued.
In this process, neither ourselves nor the test center who dealt with your renewal, has any insight.
We can only then help when that card is issued, to deliver it to you.
2. The second issue which caused delays: In July the printing center were closed and no cards were printed for a period of 3 weeks. This was due to system upgrades. At this point they already had a backlog of 40000, which included clients from March and April whose cards were not issued yet. The unfortunate situation then turned worse as immediately after this there was a strike and we received a report on Friday 24 August, that not a single card has been printed since mid July due to the reasons stated. If the printing center staff is striking, it would also explain why it is taking forever to get status updates. The newest update is that cards are being sent out to the test stations but we can only collect as from Wednesday 12 September, to give the test stations time to sort through the pile of cards. This, in our opinion, is a rumor, and until we have the newly issued cards in our hands, we can not give you any false hope.

3. We have had comeback from clients: The department told us that cards are not ready for collection, when they were. We are not sure why they would deliberately withhold cards from us. If you do go and the card is there, we will refund you without question.

As said before, we can only help with the booking process, and as we need to deliver your card, we only become “part of the system” again when we receive notification that your card is ready for us to collect. What happens between the day you went for your booking, until the card the is ready for collection, remains a government process. We can try to assist as best as we can to find out what the status of your card is, but due to above limitations, there is only so much we can do.